Perform Better At Job Aptitude Tests 

Do you need to improve your scores at numerical and verbal reasoning tests? Use the no. 1 app for psychometric test coaching.

A better way to practice:

216 Numerical Questions

Spread across 10 tests, covering numbers, fractions, charts, percentages and more.

300 Verbal Questions

8 tests to help you practice verbal reasoning & comprension questions.


Practice against the clock to simulate real time pressure.

Worked Solutions

See full explanations to help you learn.

Simple, Easy, Complete.

Use the Psychometric Tests app to prepare for job interviews. Designed to follow the same format as those for job selection tests.

“Neat and clean app that is easy to use. Helped me to practice the tests on the go and gain confidence in passing this part of recruiting at Big Four.” – Ann Hao  

“Straightforward and easy to use app. Allows you to practice tests even while you are on the go. Very simple navigation and no distractions – just timed tests that you can retake as many times as you want.” – Stephanie Salgado  

“Thank you for the comprehensive practice job tests. It helped me not just in preparing for my job tests but the numerical questions also enhanced my ability to focus and think logically. I use it a lot during my free time.” – Gelgel24  

“The exam technique suggestions for each test are very useful, especially for anyone who is new to this type of testing, as is the feedback you receive at the end of each test to help improve your score on future tests.” – Al-Dot  

Frequently Asked Questions

Specifically, how will this app make me better at aptitude tests? 

These tests are designed to be harder than the real versions – if you can master these, you’ll be ready for the real thing. The worked solutions will show you where you went wrong with any questions you don’t get right.  

Where can I read reviews of the app? 

Just click the app store buttons on this page, and you’ll be able to see reviews from those who have used the app previously.  

What if I want to practise tests other than numerical and verbal reasoning?  

Head over to WikiJob, which provides useful guides on all the aptitude test types. If there’s a test type you’d particularly like included in the Psychometric Tests app, let us know via [email protected].  

Is this app helpful for SAPS, GATE, SHL, Kenexa and other such aptitude tests?

Yes: all of these tests incorporate numerical and verbal reasoning, which the Psychometric Tests app focuses on. 

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