Numerical & Verbal Reasoning

Perform Better At Job Aptitude Tests 

App with hundreds of questions to help you practice for job assessments.

A better way to practice:

216 Numerical Questions

Spread across 10 tests, covering numbers, fractions, percentages and more.

300 Verbal Questions

8 tests to help you practice verbal reasoning & comprension questions.


Practice against the clock.

Worked Solutions

See full explanations to help you learn.

Simple, Easy, Complete.

Use the Psychometric Tests app to prepare for job interviews. Designed to follow the same format as those for job selection tests.

“Neat and clean app that is easy to use. Helped me to practice the tests on the go and gain confidence in passing this part of recruiting at Big Four.”

“A lot of questions to practice with. Really helped pinpoint the areas I needed to work on, and get used to the speed you have to work at to get through them.”  

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